It is a very interesting time in UK politics.

Great, this blog has started with what has quickly become a cliché. Interesting is also one of those words that can be positive, but usually has negative connotations.

Pedantry aside, the aim of this blog is to provide an alternative place to discuss developments in politics.

Full disclosure: the author of this blog is a Labour supporter, but the posts here are designed to raise questions on all sides of the debate.

However, it is clear that it is important that the Government’s work is scrutinised, especially with the increased majority they have gained; whilst wider trends and developments are also analysed in detail.

Debate is welcome, encouraged even. But the thing that has often gone missing along the way recently is polite debate. Engage with the content of people’s arguments, rather than making assumptions or personally criticising someone for holding a view.

The plan is to gradually add content on here, and experiment with what works and does not work.

I might even branch into a podcast later in the New Year.

For now, feel free to comment on this post with suggestions on what I can look at, and follow the Twitter account @TheLandscapeUK. DMs are open.